Wonders of Plitvice

Wonders of Plitvice

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, located roughly halfway between the capital city of Zagreb and Zadar, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The country’s biggest natural attraction presents some of the most eye-catching scenery in mainland Croatia.

The 16 lakes are famous for their stunning colors, often changing from shades of teal, turquoise and deep blues to gray. In the park, wooden footbridges and pathways run across the edges of the lakes, over rumbling water, through verdant forests and very close to tumbling waterfalls.
The protected area covers almost 300 square kilometers, but some of the most beautiful hiking trails only take a few hours.

The best time to visit is spring when the waterfalls are at their peak, or in autumn when the trees start to change color. The tourist office at the entrance can advise you on which trail best suits you, so you don’t really need a guided tour. Beside, all trails are very clearly marked and you can walk at your own pace. There is also an electric boat that takes you from one side of the largest lake to the other. This boat runs all year round, more frequently during summer. Swimming inPlitvice Lakes is forbidden as it’s a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park. The park is open daily all year round, with longer opening hours during summer (usually to 8 PM). There’s an entrance fee which varies according to the season. It’s easy enough to see the sights of Plitvice in a day, although a two day visit will allow you to see the park in the glorious morning and evening light without having to travel far at night.