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Croatian Christmas Time!

Christmas is slowly creeping upon us, and we’ve got some gift hampers to spoil you at this precious time of year, available for purchase both in store and online!

Do you have that one person who you never know what to buy for, a family where they really deserve to know they matter, or you just fancy indulging yourself with a truly spectacular bundle of deliciousness? Our Truffle hamper has everything you could ever need to make a feast for a truffle fan, and our Luxury Christmas hamper is full of Croatian cuisine, to leave you feeling particularly festive. The perfect gifts to make Christmas that little easier, and avoid the ‘ARGH CHRISTMAS SHOPPING’ frenzy that sometimes strikes!



So, what does a Croatian Luxury Christmas hamper have in it? Be prepared to be blown away! There’s truffle cheese, truffle honey, truffle oil, black AND white truffle pate, fig jam, fig cake, Dinaski cheese, salami, chocolate spread, olive oil, chestnut cream spread, candied chocolate coated orange peel and then even more…!

AND THAT’S A LOT! So, if you’re more of a truffle fan then we have our truffle hamper with truffle cheese, truffle salami, white truffle oil, black AND white truffle pate, white truffle honey, truffle salt and sliced black truffle. YUM!

Our hampers come wrapped up beautifully with a bright red bow to finish them off too!


Now, what’s so special about Croatian Christmas is that there’s a lovely tradition called Badnjak, it refers to a log brought into the house and placed on the fire on the evening of Christmas Eve, and this log keeps burning throughout the day and night announcing the arrival of Christmas and Jesus. Although, some homes have turned to a symbolic log some families still keep this wonderful tradition to its origins.


We love bringing a little of that spirit to our London store, so why not pop in and check out how we’ve decked the place out!




Come grab a hamper to get a taste of Christmas in Croatian style; we’re bringing a variety of products to the store and online that are perfect presents, big and small, so watch this space to find out which markets near you are going to be filled with Croatian’s finest Christmas goodies.



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Chocolate by Marinko Biskic : Nadalina


The Croatian crown of chocolate is worn by our very own chocolate producer Marinko Biskic, the man famed for making the largest chocolate bar in the world, and if you haven’t tried our chocolate spread flavours yet, then you’re in for a DELICIOUS treat!



Last year, in the imperial square Peristil at Diocletian’s Palace,  the oldest living Roman palace in the world, the team at Nadalina showcased a phenomenal Guinness world record, with the biggest slab of chocolate ever: 101 square meters with a length of 16 meters, a width of 6.5 meters and thickness of one inch.


So, these guys know a thing or two about chocolate, and not only do they make their stuff to an impressive scale, they also have an eco-friendly approach to chocolate creation using old-fashioned techniques, eco cocoa beans, eco sugar, and special equipment that Marinko invented himself.


Taking over 50 hours to make in a weather dependant manner, you’d think that’d be enough of a challenge, yet in true Croatian style these guys decided to be even more creative, and have made a record out of chocolate that plays music. Watch the video and prepare to be impressed by these over a quarter century year old artisans.

And, in exciting news, you don’t have to go all the way to Croatia to try some of their stuff; we’re bringing a variety of products to London very soon, so watch this space to find out which markets near you are going to be filled with Croatian’s finest chocolate.