Matusko Postup


Matusko winery is situated in Potomje, perched on the top of the cliffs of the Pelješac Peninsular, which is north of Dubrovnik and roughly half way to Split in the wine region of Dalmatia.

The wines called Postup and Dingač are both made from the Plavac Mali grape, but are distinguished in name due to the location of the vineyards along the steep rocky coastal cliffs which are a little north and south respectively of Potomje. Dingač is the prized region, but Postup wines offer excellent value for this much loved Dalmatian red wine.

This wine is a dark purple red color with blue reflections. On the nose, typical dusty aromas of variety Plavac Mali is combined with notes of raisins and Mediterranean herbs. On the palate it has pleasant dry tannins and solid aftertaste.

A gorgeous classic wine of true distinction.

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