Oleum Viride Leccino, 100ml


The range of Oleum Viride olive oils comes from a small family production in Istria, where the green olive fruit is hand picked at the medium stage of ripening, then immediately cold pressed within 24 hours, to produce oil of such high quality that it is regularly voted in the top 10 in the world.

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Leccino is a sort with free fatty acids of only 0.18% (the extra virgin category allows up to 0.8%). Leccino is an Italian sort of outstanding quality; harmonic and refreshingly light, with a wonderful dark green colour. Its freshness and fruity scent accentuates the flavour of raw fish, scampi and prawns, grilled squid or cuttlefish. Adding a few drops of Leccino to ice cream or cheese cake will turn them into very special deserts.

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