Apipropol Honey

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Apipropol is a mixture of honey, flower pollen and vitamin C. Flower pollen as the “life carrier” of most plant species, contains almost all life-essential nutrients. The high protein concentration containing all essential amino acids and minerals, especially K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Si and P, make it an excellent diet supplement. Apipropol is rich in B group vitamins, vitamins P and H, and beta-carotene. Vitamin C helps the immune system function properly and reduces fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to its composition, Apipropol honey improves your health condition in general and has an invigorating effect in all types of physical and mental exertion.


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One of our new high quality medicinal honeys. A super food. Take a spoon in morning or drizzle on plain yogurt with some nutty granola and mixed berry fruits for the perfect power healthy breakfast.