Fig bonbons


Fig bonbons or Smokvenjak is a unique and traditional delicacy, made on a small family holding in the Kvarner region using a recipe dating back to the Austro-Hungarian republic. The mixture is shaped into balls and dried naturally before being ready for consumptionto. This is a completely natural super food product, with no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Gluten and dairy free. Smokvenjak provides slow-release energy and is fantastic as a snack, before or during a workout or in kids’ lunchboxes. Children love it! High in calcium and perfect to keep on your desk at work. Used by office workers and marathon runners alike, this is pure natural goodness! No need to refrigerate, just keep wrapped in foil or cling film. Used by the Croatian national triathlon team as a source of energy during training and competitions. Ingredients: figs (60%), raisins (20%), almonds (20%), lemon juice, rosemary, sage.

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Figs are naturally dried, then mixed with raisins, almonds, lemon juice, rosemary and sage. A superfood product, fantastic as a pre-workout energy snack, with absolutely no additives, preservatives or anything unnatural. Great in kids’ lunch boxes too.

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