23 Jan 2017

You can serve it on an antipasti board but why not try it as a topping for pizza or frittata?

Maybe make a twist to your favourite pasta meal? Made from the best prime loin cuts of an indigenous Slavonian breed of pigs which are outdoor bred and fed organically on corn, barley and oats, Kulin Galovic is a must-try.

13 Jan 2017

Oleum Viride Belic Selection scored 10/10 on Fortnum & Mason tasting.

A couple of drops of this divine liquid will make your dish fit for the gods. It combines splendidly with veal and lamb, asparagus, with eggs and prosciutto, grilled fish and vegetables, cuttlefish risotto, octopus salad and grilled salmon.

13 Jan 2017

Having unexpected guests or just want to prepare something fast but tasty?

Cook your favorite pasta. In another pan heat up our ready-to-use Black and white truffle pate, add some white wine and stir in the pasta. With some smoked salmon aside…that’s a feast prepared in less than 15 minutes! This is how fast food should taste like. Yummy…  

13 Jan 2017

Luxurious taste of chopped black truffles

Add a hint of luxury to your breakfast. Just place a bit of chopped black truffle on top of scrambled eggs and you’ll feel absolutely fabulous all day. These truffles will give your risotto and pasta a luxurious taste as well.

13 Jan 2017

Fig chutney makes you say “wow”

Want to add the wow factor to your cheese board? Serve any sort of cheese you like with our Fig chutney, made from fresh figs with a hint of sage and rosemary.