13 May 2024

Truffle toasties

    TTs or Truffle Toasties is a new and unique street food brand created by the people from Taste Croatia at Borough Market ! TT is a delicious toasted sandwich using the finest ingredients from Borough Market. Its ingredients are: Smoked Raclette cheese from Jumi cheese, mozzarella, butter, toasted sourdough from an organic bakery,…

04 Apr 2020

All of our Great Taste award winners

Great Taste awards are commonly described as Oscars of the food industry so it is no wonder we are extremely proud to say we have many winners in our shop. Winning for us means we have a product(s) that stands out in the crowd while for you it means you have a guarantee that product…

27 Dec 2018
The 2018 Round up of the Best Bits from Taste Croatia

The 2018 Round up of the Best Bits from Taste Croatia

What a fantastic year we’ve had at Taste Croatia Deli, we’re so delighted and are truly proud of everything we’ve achieved this year, thank you to all our brilliant customers for supporting us and being such an inspiration! Christmas is a time to reflect, be grateful and to recap all the joyful things that have…

24 Jul 2018

A Summer to Celebrate

This summer has been truly spectacular for the team at Taste Croatia, and we’re loudly celebrating in the joy of lots of exciting things happening. With this beautiful weather in London, the fantastic experience of Croatia coming second in the world for their skills in football with the World Cup in Russia, and bringing lots…

31 Dec 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2017 and welcoming in 2018, a reflection of joy.

It truly is a truly special time of year, and after all 2017 has brought, we welcome in 2018 with warm open arms. This time gives us the opportunity to appreciate all we have, and be surrounded by loved ones, eating good food, drinking good wine, sharing in joy filled spirits – it truly is…

09 Jul 2017
Perfect Time For A Picnic!

Perfect Time For A Picnic!

In Croatian culture, spending time with friends and family eating good food is so crucial to daily lives and we love this time of year, filled with sunshine, eating outdoors, either on the beach, in the garden, or wherever we can basque in the rays! Having a picnic or bbq in Croatia, the main showstopper…

26 Jun 2017

Wine Alert!

Just a little message to let you know we’re having some hiccups with our wine supplier. Stock on the site will be back soon. If you really are in need of wine, pop into our store at Borough Market to come and see us!

02 Mar 2017
Join us for a memorable wine tasting!

Join us for a memorable wine tasting!

We already gave you a short intro to the world of Croatian wine. Let us take you now to the journey of flavours throughout Croatia’s various regions and indigenous grape varieties. Join us for a wine tasting on March 27th at 6.30pm in our shop at 3 Crown Square Borough Market. We will be enjoying 6…

03 Feb 2017
The unique taste of Croatian cuisine

The unique taste of Croatian cuisine

Croatia is a small country full of diversity- in geography, climate, culture and history. Such is Croatian cuisine, as well. Every culture and nation that had left trail in Croatia, and there were many- from Romans, Italians, French, Austrians, Hungarians and Germans to Byzantine and Ottomans, have influenced Croatian gastronomy. Each Croatian region has a…

21 Dec 2016
Time for some Croatian Wine

Time for some Croatian Wine

We are very excited to share the news that we’re officially selling our Croatian wines in Borough Market. And in the new year, we’ll have some tasting sessions around Valentine’s Day too. We’d love for you to share in this extra special culinary experience with us, so, watch this space for news and updates. This…