Paski Sir

Paski Sir

The quality is in the taste

Paski Sir is an artisan sheep’s cheese of awarded quality from the island of Pag, Croatia. Paski Sir is full of flavour and has a distinct nutty, fruity and delicately salty taste that rivals a good Comte, Pecorino or Manchego. What contributes to its taste and aroma varies amongst climate, soil type and vegetation being of the most important.

This cheese is made from the milk of an indigenous sheep breed that feed off the wild vegetation, wild rosemary and herbs which grow from the Velebit mountains. During the cold seasons a strong, dry sea wind called Bora sweeps over the island of Pag, whilst descending to the clear the Bora dries to salt dust washing over the islands vegetation which Pag sheep graze on. This adds to the unique and delicious flavour permeating Paski Sir cheese. The cheese is then left to mature between 6 to 9 months bringing a much fuller flavour and longer finish.

Paski Sir is produced from unprocessed milk, contains no added sugar, no preservatives and is gluten and lactose free!


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The Gligora Dairy is a family run business that has been producing Paski Sir for over a century. Since hitting the UK and European market, Paski Sir has picked up several prestigious international awards. Including the renowned ‘World Cheese Awards’, largest international competition, where Paski Sir was judged to be the best in three different categories. This is among many other awards and honors which this cheese has received internationally.


Paski Sir has been described as

‘a wonderfully tasteful sheep milk cheese that brings full and complex flavours to the palate and melts nicely in the mouth. Authentic and unique. This cheese is a pure delight and displays quality in the making, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste to savour. A yellowish creamy colour with farmhouse aromas, Paski Sir has well balanced texture, taste, aromas and finish and is delightfully tasty.’


So we are glad to be bringing Paski Sir back to Borough Market again where it can take its place amongst some of the other best cheeses from around the world.


If the awarded quality isn’t reason enough to get your mouth watering come down to our shop and taste this amazing cheese which pairs incredibly well with our fig preserves and best selling dried fig cake. Both serve as great cheese complements and also great for your Christmas day cheese board or even as gift ideas.

We will also be selling a special cheese and fig pack at discount prices, just because it’s Christmas!


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