Galovic Kulin is a high quality and unique product made from the finest prime loin cuts of an indigenous breed of pigs from Slavonia, which are outdoor bred and organically fed. All ingredients and spices are homemade: paprika, salt, garlic, sweet and chili peppers. It is 100% organic containing no nitrates or additives, including the natural pork sausage casing.

Galovic Kulin is the first Croatian product protected by Croatian law. Produced in Slavonia and nowhere else in the world. Why Slavonia? Because of its unique climate, soil and other specific local factors. Slavonian farmers overwhelmingly prefer an indigenous breed of pig known as the Black Slavonian, for its meat is considered to be the best for producing superior grade charcuterie.


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The meat of these pigs is of a high quality, as has been proved within the industry, who emphasise the fact that meat quality is equally dependant on: breed, free range keeping and foddering. Farmers in Slavonia raise and keep their pigs in a tradtional manner, in wide open spaces, fenced in only by pastures and forests.

Smoking, drying and maturing of the Kulin is done exclusively in natural ambient and spaces constructed in traditional way. The meat is smoked over beech wood before the lengthy curing process with sea salt.


All these elements and procedures result in a unique and original product, that has a harmony of tastes, giving absolute recognition of originality and uthenticity of the product.

Consumers percieve Galović Kulin as  being of, ‘high quality, excellent flavor, and a premium product.’