Check out our Christmas Hampers

Check out our Christmas Hampers

Cheese and Fig Hamper
Fig cake, Dinarski cow and goat cheese, Kolan 9 month mature cow cheese, fig and lavender jam or fig and orange jam.

Truffle Hamper
Consisting of:
Truffle cheese, truffle salami, truffle and champignons spread, black and white truffle pate with cream cheese, sliced black truffles, black truffle oil or white truffle oil, white truffle honey.

Luxury Hamper
Truffle salami, truffle cheese, prosek desert wine fig and lavender jam, chocolate spread, ajvar, truffle pate, arancini, fig cake, orange olive oil, black truffle oil, chestnut spread, figs in honey, belic selection olive oil.

3 thoughts on “Check out our Christmas Hampers

  1. Dear Madam/Sir:
    How long is the shelf life of your
    Truffle Products? I wish to buy but they will be coming to Brazil by ship only next month, including Croation Virgin Oil, Preserverves and others.
    Thank you,
    Silvana Kasinski

  2. Please tell me about the shelf lige of your Truffle Products, as they will be coming to Brazil by Shipping only next month.

    1. Hi all of our truffle products have a long shelve life. Looking foward to seeing you in the shop where you can try all of out delicious truffles.

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