All of our Great Taste award winners

Great Taste awards are commonly described as Oscars of the food industry so it is no wonder we are extremely proud to say we have many winners in our shop.
Winning for us means we have a product(s) that stands out in the crowd while for you it means you have a guarantee that product you are purchasing is of best quality out there!

Dried fig and lavender jam is a 1 star Great Taste winner and pairs lovely with cheese. It can bring any cheese board to life!

We especially recommend eating it with our 3 star Great Taste winner Paski cheese.This lovely aged cheese comes from the island of Pag and is made with the finest sheeps milk.
Aged for up to 12 months.It is a true delicacy with crumbly texture and a rich aftertaste.

However, this cheese board we are building here wouldn’t be complete without Kozlar 2 star Great Taste winner.This artisan cheese is made with goats milk and soaked in olive skins which gives it pleasant bitterness to compliment its mild  aroma.

If we were to suggest something to round this cheese board up it would definitely be fig cake! Delicious Stella Croatica fig cake won 1 star at Great Taste awards and it is no wonder it did.
Dried figs, almonds and chunky walnuts is all it takes to make a healthy yet delicious fig cake. Eat it with cheese or on its own for a healthy pick me up, its up to you.

There are many amazing Croatian olive oils out there but we are especially proud of Belic Selection 1 star Great Taste winner. This oil is a blend of 6 different olive sorts which makes it perfect oil to use for various dishes. Full bodied, well rounded and  perfectly balanced it comes with tasting notes of artichoke, almond, apple and tomato. It has a scent of fresh olive, vanilla, chicory and modest bitterness and pungency in taste. Serve it with veal and lamb as well as asparagus, with eggs and prosciutto, grilled fish and vegetables, octopus salad and grilled salmon. Whatever dish you choose it won’t disappoint.

While on the oils note we certainly can’t skip pumpkin seed oil which won 1 star Great Taste award.Pumpkin seed oil is cold pressed and has intense nutty taste, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and packed with vitamins.Healthy yet so delicious. Use it as salad dressing, add it to creamy soups, drizzle it on top of vanilla ice cream , add it to your hummus or try all of our suggestions and let us know your favourite!

And last but not least something sweet. Chocolate spread may not be the first thing to pop into your head when thinking of Croatia but once you try them…It definitely will.
Nadalina chocolate spread with cinnamon and with olive oil have both won 1 star Great Taste award and it is no secret they deserved all the recognition they got.
Made with coconut and olive oil instead of palm oil this also makes them environmentally friendly and who doesn’t like saving the world while eating chocolate ?
Low in sugar, high in chocolate and full of flavour.
Enjoy with pancakes, brownies, ice cream and SPOON!

As we all  await Great Taste awards 2020 why not make it your bucket list to try all the previous Great Taste winners!