A Summer to Celebrate

This summer has been truly spectacular for the team at Taste Croatia, and we’re loudly celebrating in the joy of lots of exciting things happening.

With this beautiful weather in London, the fantastic experience of Croatia coming second in the world for their skills in football with the World Cup in Russia, and bringing lots of new products into our store, we’ve got a lot to be happy about.

As lovers of a summer picnic, we try and have as many as we can spending time with family and friends, we decided to bring a lot of wonderful perfect picnic snacks into our new range.

From our special new truffle chips, a gorgeous flavour of crispy, hand cooked potato crisps infused with specialist truffles, they’re wonderful as they are our with dips and salsas.


Another perfect picnic bite are our brand new, meaty pepperami truffle sticks, that are full of delicious black Istrian truffles.

Charcuterie is our go to ‘impress the guests’ platter throughout the whole year, our gorgeous Dinarski aged cow and goats cheese (from the beautiful Pag) truly melts in the mouth and served with our wild boar prosciutto and wild boar salami it’s a dish to show off with. A lovely serving suggestion giving a sweet and salty zing flavour is to have a dollop of our fragrant fig relish (made with fresh Croatian figs and lemons) alongside the platter.

Tomato vinegar is one of our newest beautiful products available, try this blended with olive oil and drizzled on a salad, or drizzling and dipping with fresh bread, even on fresh strawberries this beautiful vinegar is sublime.

Medicinal sage and flower pollen honeys have also been brought into store and they’re truly amazing with healing properties for sore throats, they act as an anti allergen, can be blended with salt as an exfoliating lip scrub and also, they taste great too! For a simple meal dollop in yoghurt for a lovely sweet uplifting breakfast, or with toast for a smooth spread, come try some in store and see for yourself how much you need this in your kitchen cupboard.

Ajvar is a traditional relish created in Croatian families that we are obsessed with, aubergines, roasted red peppers, ¬†garlic, olive oil and sea salt, it’s truly a more-ish flavour. If you want to try it yourself then we recommend having it alongside sausage rolls, in a cheese sandwich, on any grilled meat dishes , as a dip, just however you want to try it! .

And lastly, because, it’s so truly great you can’t forget it, our organic milk soaked pork scratching’s that have been so popular all summer long. They are the perfect football beer snack and truly a taste sensation, have with a cold IPA in this summer heat, it’ll put a brilliant smile on your face! If you’re not a fan of beer, we have some fantastic new wines coming into store soon too!

In a summer where we are proud to be Croatian, we’d love to share our story with you, so pop down to the store soon and try some of our fabulous new products, our friendly staff will help you with delicious serving suggestions for all occasions.¬† We’ll also be releasing more information on our catering service, which can cater for all your celebration needs, so if you want to put on a unique event then please do get in touch.