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Check out our Christmas Hampers

Cheese and Fig Hamper
Fig cake, Dinarski cow and goat cheese, Kolan 9 month mature cow cheese, fig and lavender jam or fig and orange jam.

Truffle Hamper
Consisting of:
Truffle cheese, truffle salami, truffle and champignons spread, black and white truffle pate with cream cheese, sliced black truffles, black truffle oil or white truffle oil, white truffle honey.

Luxury Hamper
Truffle salami, truffle cheese, prosek desert wine fig and lavender jam, chocolate spread, ajvar, truffle pate, arancini, fig cake, orange olive oil, black truffle oil, chestnut spread, figs in honey, belic selection olive oil.

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Wine Tasting

During the past week we held our very first wine tasting evening at Borough Market. Croatian wine remained little known abroad despite winning numerous top industry awards over the past few years. This is slowly changing as its vinous pleasures are quite rightly coming into light and this is something we want to celebrate.

wine1 IMG_5281

Did you know the famous Californian Zinfandel grape is actually originally a Croatian grape?

The evening offered the opportunity to taste a range of 8 different Croatian wines carefully selected which include grape varieties and blends from across different regions in Croatia. (All wines now being served in top London restaurants.) We had an expert sommelier introducing the wines and leading us throughout the evening. There were also tasty canapés made from some of our delicious organic cured meats, truffles and cheeses to be enjoyed.


wine5 wine4

wine2 wine3

I hope everyone who attended had a great evening and tried some new wines from regions that they perhaps would not normally consider and had fun at Borough Market after hours.

We have more dates to be confirmed for the near future. So stay tuned!

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Turning a light on in history

Our aim, as one of the only importers of Croatian delicacies to the UK, is to share and promote not only the gastronomy delights but also the country itself as one of Europe’s most newest and exciting destinations that can rival its neighbors. The chances are that Croatia is often associated within the context of some of the bloodiest conflicts and war. But for anyone who has visited will know that nestled within the clear blue waters of the Adriatic is sun drenched bliss with a lot more to offer than first meets the eye.

So we have pulled together a few interesting facts we would like to share with you about Croatia and its people that you may not already know. Starting with Nikola Tesla. You may not have heard of his name but his ideas and inventions certainly impact your every day life.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in what is now Croatia. He made significant breakthroughs in production, transmission and application of electric power. He studied math and physics at the Technical University of Graz and philosophy at the University of Prague. Although wildly revered, Tesla was unable to translate his brilliant ideas and inventions into long-term financial success like many of his earlier rivals.

Tesla’s account of his own creative process:

‘My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind… In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything.’

It’s hard to read about Tesla and not be a little in awe over the brilliance of this man. He writes that his process and course of progression is different. As Knapp states, it is the equivalent of writing and editing an entire book, down to the last punctuation mark before putting it down on paper. Tesla wasn’t doing this with words, he was practically inventing the comings of the modern world in his imagination. Innovation is a social process at the hand of many brilliant scientists and engineers, many building and advancing on Tesla’s initial work.  Alternating current, Tesla coils, (still used in radio technology today), x rays, remote controls, induction motors, to name a few.

Tesla helped refine Alternating Currents making some key developments that made it more practical and accessible. There is no doubt he had an intuitive understanding of electricity and worked along side Edison for many years. He also pointed the way for development of radars. It is true however, like many claim that Tesla did not invent radar and that his pitch to the Naval Consulting Board during World War I was turned down without ever producing a prototype. That said, his work and ideas arguably became the backbone for further research.

His work was paramount within these fields and his achievements incredible whilst working along side some of the greats throughout history. Tesla died in 1943 yet it is almost impossible to forget his legacy.

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Best of 2014

January, the start of a new year is well known for a time of reflection and the old cliché ‘new year, new me’ that goes hand in hand with optimistic, yet sometimes, unrealistic resolutions. Like for example, win the lottery and buy a yacht is probably not the ‘self improving’ resolution that is this tradition is aimed at. But leaving that aside and getting back to the point, reflecting over 2014 it seems we have had quite the year. So we thought we would look back through the archives and pick a few highlights to share with you…

2014 brought the launch of our website and online shop, took a while to get it just right but we are really pleased with it now, so you can order your favorite products and we will ship them direct to your door! Its great to see our regular customers taking advantage when they can’t pop down to Borough Market or international customers not having to worry about truffle oils exploding in their suitcase.

Its always a pleasure when our producers from Croatia visit London to spend some time in our shop and with the customers

Mr Galovic (nicknamed The King of Kulin), our amazing charcuterie producer in tradtional Croatian clothing as awell might I add

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17_59_18


The great singing chocolatier, Marinko Biskic, whose dark chocolate spread sells out almost immediately every time

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_19_15

Adrian Chiles (who is half Croatian) popped in to do some shopping – knew I always liked him

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17_58_45

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17_58_55

Over the year we have catered numerous events with carefully crafted menus. Our most recent was hosted at the Queens Club for the Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_17_00

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_17_13

Our days at Borough Market are always made that much more interesting by our regular customers or new friendly faces that visit our shop and stop for a chat


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_34_08 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_17_42 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_33_54 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18_18_40

Also 2014 brought the exciting launch of our food and wine holidays carefully talior made to enable travellers to experience the real Croatia! Not only is Croatia one of the most beautiful countries, it is also one of Europe’s newest and most exciting food and wine destinations. Simply full of vinous and culinary delights with breathtaking views of sun soaked vinogorje (wine hills) which – to this Londoner – is so beautiful.

With the mince pies and brandy now a distant memory, it’s time to make plans for the year ahead. So what will 2015 have in store?

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Luxury Hamper

Luxury foodie hamper

Perfect Christmas gift


This year we have put together a carefully crafted foodie hamper with a selection of our best sellers to make your Christmas that much more delicious! We work with producers from all over Croatia to bring to London some of the best delicacies on offer. So why not try something new this Christmas!


Product description

  • 1 x Dried Fig Cake
  • 1 x Paski Sir Cheese
  • 1 x Oleum Viride Olive Oil
  • 1 x Dried Figs in Honey
  • 1 x White Truffle Oil
  • 1 x Dark Chocolate Spread
  • 2 x Slavonian Salami
  • 1 x Dried Fig Jam
  • 1 x Black and White Truffle Pate
  • 1 x Truffle Honey
  • 1 x Smokvenjak Fig BonBons

These are wonderful products, which also make great gift ideas, and are beautifully packaged so all you need to do is chose the person you want to give it too and enjoy!

Either choose our current range listed above, or to make your gift that little bit more special you can select or insert extra products that you want to be included in your hamper.

If you have any enquiries please call/email on 0800 331 7100/ or come and see us in our shop in Borough Market.

£50-£100 (dependent on what you choose to include)


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Galovic Kulin is a high quality and unique product made from the finest prime loin cuts of an indigenous breed of pigs from Slavonia, which are outdoor bred and organically fed. All ingredients and spices are homemade: paprika, salt, garlic, sweet and chili peppers. It is 100% organic containing no nitrates or additives, including the natural pork sausage casing.

Galovic Kulin is the first Croatian product protected by Croatian law. Produced in Slavonia and nowhere else in the world. Why Slavonia? Because of its unique climate, soil and other specific local factors. Slavonian farmers overwhelmingly prefer an indigenous breed of pig known as the Black Slavonian, for its meat is considered to be the best for producing superior grade charcuterie.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 18_01_59

The meat of these pigs is of a high quality, as has been proved within the industry, who emphasise the fact that meat quality is equally dependant on: breed, free range keeping and foddering. Farmers in Slavonia raise and keep their pigs in a tradtional manner, in wide open spaces, fenced in only by pastures and forests.

Smoking, drying and maturing of the Kulin is done exclusively in natural ambient and spaces constructed in traditional way. The meat is smoked over beech wood before the lengthy curing process with sea salt.


All these elements and procedures result in a unique and original product, that has a harmony of tastes, giving absolute recognition of originality and uthenticity of the product.

Consumers percieve Galović Kulin as  being of, ‘high quality, excellent flavor, and a premium product.’


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Paski Sir

The quality is in the taste

Paski Sir is an artisan sheep’s cheese of awarded quality from the island of Pag, Croatia. Paski Sir is full of flavour and has a distinct nutty, fruity and delicately salty taste that rivals a good Comte, Pecorino or Manchego. What contributes to its taste and aroma varies amongst climate, soil type and vegetation being of the most important.

This cheese is made from the milk of an indigenous sheep breed that feed off the wild vegetation, wild rosemary and herbs which grow from the Velebit mountains. During the cold seasons a strong, dry sea wind called Bora sweeps over the island of Pag, whilst descending to the clear the Bora dries to salt dust washing over the islands vegetation which Pag sheep graze on. This adds to the unique and delicious flavour permeating Paski Sir cheese. The cheese is then left to mature between 6 to 9 months bringing a much fuller flavour and longer finish.

Paski Sir is produced from unprocessed milk, contains no added sugar, no preservatives and is gluten and lactose free!


Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 18_23_37

The Gligora Dairy is a family run business that has been producing Paski Sir for over a century. Since hitting the UK and European market, Paski Sir has picked up several prestigious international awards. Including the renowned ‘World Cheese Awards’, largest international competition, where Paski Sir was judged to be the best in three different categories. This is among many other awards and honors which this cheese has received internationally.


Paski Sir has been described as

‘a wonderfully tasteful sheep milk cheese that brings full and complex flavours to the palate and melts nicely in the mouth. Authentic and unique. This cheese is a pure delight and displays quality in the making, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste to savour. A yellowish creamy colour with farmhouse aromas, Paski Sir has well balanced texture, taste, aromas and finish and is delightfully tasty.’


So we are glad to be bringing Paski Sir back to Borough Market again where it can take its place amongst some of the other best cheeses from around the world.


If the awarded quality isn’t reason enough to get your mouth watering come down to our shop and taste this amazing cheese which pairs incredibly well with our fig preserves and best selling dried fig cake. Both serve as great cheese complements and also great for your Christmas day cheese board or even as gift ideas.

We will also be selling a special cheese and fig pack at discount prices, just because it’s Christmas!


Taste Croatia


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Impromptu Klapa Kožino concert in our shop!

Impromptu Klapa Kožino concert in our shop!

Our usual busy Saturday at Borough Market, occupied with slicing Kulin, cutting up fig cakes and chatting to all those that descend on this gastronomic spot in central London was made all the more exciting as Klapa Kožino stopped by for an impromptu concert in our shop!

The extremely successful group made up of eight singers, each individually gifted in their own right, brought traditional Croatian Klapa music overseas to London. The charming Klapa music is a form of traditional acappella singing, generally celebrating Croatia and all that embodies it.

Thankyou to Klapa Kožino to coming down to our shop. Make sure you check these guys out their amazing!

Below are a selection of photographs from the day and a link to a video on our youtube channel.



our youtube video

Taste Croatia