About Croatia

So, you’ve probably heard of or hopefully even visited, «a land of a thousand islands» or «the Mediterranean as it once was», the beautiful country called Croatia.

This small country has it all – the sea, the islands, the rocks, the swamps and woods, lakes and waterfalls, lowlands and highlands. It has a magnificent history. It has numerous UNESCO heritage sites and intangible cultural heritage items, it has fantastic and diverse food and hospitable people.

Croatia is a small country that has been influenced by Romans, Italians, French, Hungarians and Germans, by Byzantine and Ottomans, all of whom have left a trail in history, architecture and culture, and in Croatian gastronomy.

It is a crossroad between East and West Europe, a conjunction between Central Europe and Mediterranean. It is a place where Adriatic Sea, Balkan Mountains and Pannonian plains meet.

Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe, it has eleven Nature Parks and eight National Parks, one of which are the only natural good protected by UNESCO – Plitvice Lakes, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the purest sea in Europe.

Diverse flora and fauna, mild Mediterranean climate on the coast and continental in the north. Is there anything else one could wish for?

Tourism in Croatia has a long history and any tourist can enjoy whatever he is looking for, whether it is endless sunshine on stunning beaches, a vibrant party and festival scene, active vacations, numerous cultural and historical destinations or enogastro adventures.

For those in search of history and culture, city destinations such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar offer Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian monuments. In fact, Dubrovnik and Split’s town centres are UNESCO world heritage sites.

Different Croatian cities stage summer festivals, hosting open-air concerts and open air theatre attracting international stars and more and more people every year.

For those in search of active holidays, climbing and hiking on beautiful Croatian mountains and hills is a must. Or just imagine yachting among the 1,244 islands – of which only 48 are inhabited!

And finally, for those in search of great gastro and Eno adventures, you are in the right place.

Each Croatian region has its own special culinary personality due to the different historical and cultural influences as well as distinctive geographic and climatic features.

Habits, customs and gastronomy are very distinguishing in the Central European influenced and oriented north region than those in the Mediterranean south.

Meat and vegetable based dishes, a lot of spices, very sweet desserts of the continental Croatia have been influenced by Hungarian and Turkish cuisine, whereas coastal region with its fish delicacies, olive oils and fantastic wines reflects Greek, Roman and Mediterranean influence.

Nowadays, Croatia is becoming well known on the worlds oenological map. But what is less known is country’s old tradition of winemaking. The seeds of the vine and olive trees recently found on the island of Hvar were proved to date back to the time before Greek colonization, to 9th century BC.

Winemaking and gastronomy are a great part of Croatian tradition and culture and anyone visiting will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience of both.

It’s a country that does have it all.

We are confident that you will fall in love with Croatia and return feeling relaxed, enlightened and wanting to go back again and again.

Until you visit Croatia we will be happy to welcome you either in the shop or online and give you some recommendations, good insights and offer you some of the best products from this small and beautiful country and give you a Taste of Croatia.