Veralda Istarka Malvazija Prestige (Malvazija Istriana), 2015


Bright yellow in color with slight greenish reflections. Floral notes of elderberry and honey with a hint of fruitiness and pineapple. On the palate, baked apples with notes of citrus and passion fruit and a lively zesty finish. This well-made and very classy wine, is well-balanced, refreshing, and ever-lasting. Full of flavours that never seem to finish…like fruity candy in the mouth… enriched by its extraordinary freshness and minerality. Istria’s indigenous flagship grape is best served at a temperature of 10- 12°C.

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As a leading high quality winery in Istria and Croatia in general, Veralda were very proud to earn first prize for their Malvazija Prestige at the first annual World of Malvasia competition of international Malvasia wines in 2009. This competition, held in Porec, included over 400 Malvasia wines from all over the world. Their success was helped by their grand cru vineyard positions on the beautiful hills of Buje, which have a reputation for their special microclimates with soil characteristics that bring out the best of the indigenous grape varietal Malvasia. This year, this wonderful Prestige Istarska Malvazija, leapt to fame again winning Bronze at the DWWA 2016.

Veralda family winery is one of the largest wineries in Istria, with 33 hectares of vineyards and 5 hectares of olive orchards, producing top quality, grand cru wines and some of the highest quality olive oil in our region.


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